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ATLAS Space Operations provides communications services for Space 2.0. ATLAS was founded on the ideal of providing affordable access to space for all, at the highest possible level of service. By moving hardware to the cloud and utilizing the revolutionary ATLAS Freedom™ Software Platform we allow our customers to gather information from space for use on the ground. Get started doing what you do best, build your satellite – let us worry about the rest.


With markets and business perpetually evolving, new data is being created constantly. As the world continues to be driven by greater desire for connectivity and associated data analytics, ATLAS provides a unique way to create, gather and use that information. From satellite, to antenna, to your customer – our simplified approach supplies the data you need, when you need it.


The ATLAS Freedom™ Software Platform simplifies the complicated with the only cloud-based, software-only space management and control system. Our engineering team has gone to great lengths to make communicating with your spacecraft simpler, faster, and more economical than ever before. From our intuitive user interface to our proprietary scheduling algorithms, we aim to provide a streamline system for accessing your data. Interested in learning more about the ATLAS Freedom™ Software Platform? Click Here.



Reduces upgrade costs
Reduces site hardware


Reducing site hardware
Increasing scalabilty


Maximize usage via scheduling
Tiered service levels


Software abstractions to move
Data quickly and efficiently


Many antennas are underutilized
Don't build...borrow & incentivize


Adapt and use AWS core services
AWS is better than anything we could build


Low starting capital
Load balancing & scaling

We do things a little differently at ATLAS. Built around the ATLAS Freedom™ Software Platform, our team developed a proprietary way to cut costs, and efficiently schedule our customers. This allows us to provide access to data at the lowest prices on the market, without skimming on quality. We have carefully crafted our network, from the cloud down to our antennas, for optimization on all fronts. Utilizing our software centric approach, we have the ability to pass down savings to you – which means more money for other parts of your mission.

ATLAS will begin offering a globally accessible Optical Communications capability in 2019. ATLAS will be fully integrated into the Laser Light Communications “HALO” free space optical constellation, adding ultra-high speed, high capacity communications services to our network. The HALO network is 100% optical, with 100s of ground nodes setup near major metropolitan areas around the globe. ATLAS will provide our future customers with access to an inexpensive optical communications payload in order to access the high data rate, low latency capabilities afforded by the HALO constellation. At downlink speeds of 10 Gbps, ATLAS customers equipped with a free space optical communications payload will be able to downlink Petabytes of data per day. This kind of available capacity will open the oodgates to for higher resolution electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) data collection payloads, allowing our customers to provide higher quality, quantity, and reliable data to their Big Data consumers at never-before realized speeds. Through the development and deployment of these advanced technologies, along with the scalability and modularity of the ATLAS Freedom Platform, ATLAS will completely disrupt the space ground and data services market.


ATLAS has formed a partnership with Astrobotic to provide the future of Lunar and Deep Space telecommunications backhaul infrastructure in space. Astrobotic Technology ies hardware lander systems into space and to the Lunar surface for companies, governments, and universities. Astrobitic has over 200 customers and counting all with objectives to operate on or around the Moon and beyond. This partnership leverages signi cant investments in lunar landing technology and optical communications to allow ATLAS to provide world’s rst telecommunications backhaul capability from the Moon via laser. The rst Astrobitic mission to carry an ATLAS optical communications terminal is planned for 2019, where we will conduct a series of demonstrations to prove the technology. After the demonstration mission is complete in 2019, ATLAS and Astrobitic will work together to establish a Lunar orbiting and Lunar surface optical communications relay system back to Earth. We will offer high bandwidth, low latency capability that will be able to send up to100 Gb of data back to Earth in under 2 seconds.

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The ATLAS Freedom™ Software Platform simplifies the complicated with the only cloud-based, software-only space management and control system. Our engineering team has gone to great lengths to make communicating with your spacecraft simpler, faster, and more economical than ever before. From our intuitive user interface to our proprietary scheduling algorithms, we aim to provide a streamline system for accessing your data.


Freedom does what you need, and more.

1. Confirm Pass

2. Connect to Freedom via Secure VPN

3. Connect to Modem at Site

4. Establish Link with Satellite

5. Uplink/Downlink Data

6. Disconnect


Interested in integrating your antenna into our network?

Our Freedom Platform™ Site Server manages all aspects of communication with the cloud. Reach out to ATLAS to find out if your antenna is a good fit. Please contact

The ATLAS Interplanetary Satellite Communications Network (ISCN) enabled by ATLAS LINKS™ Electronically Steered Array is the first commercially available deep space communications network. The ISCN provides an effective, affordable option to alleviate the competition for existing government resources for deep space communications. All while allowing you to track your spacecraft deep into space. Using proprietary phased array technology, the ISCN can detect and track the faint radio signals typical of a deep space mission. The ISCN has the ability track and communicate with satellites transmitting and receiving in UHF, S, and X-Bands, with additional bands planned. Utilizing the LINKS™ array system, the network can support spacecraft up to 18 million miles away from earth.

Want to ensure your equipment is compatible with the ATLAS Network? We can do that. Once you are ready to test, we will deploy our transportable testing system - ATLAS in a Box, which simulates ATLAS Network performance. This tool provides all functions of an ATLAS ground station, connected to the ATLAS network infrastructure and Freedom Platform, right to your front door.

What Is ATLAS In A Box?

Verifies Satellite-to-ATLAS Compatibility

High Fidelity RF Link Emulation

Link Frequency / Band Agnostic

Enables Data Format Verification

Easily Transportable & Configurable

Performs Antenna Functions

Half Rack of Electronics

Frequency Converters

S-Band Radio

Software Modem

High Data Rate Modem

ATLAS understands that designing and launching a satellite is hard. That’s why we’re working to simplify that process, from concept to launch. ATLAS LINKS™ Electronically Steered Array provides an affordable, lightweight, transportable design, making ATLAS Launch Support unique. By modifying ATLAS LINKS™ we can support launch operations in both traditional established and non-traditional launch range locations.

Through this approach, we are able to enhance existing infrastructure with our proprietary telemetry arrays, as well as offer stand-alone capability where infrastructure is limited. Working with rocket and satellite teams to develop communications strategies, ATLAS ensures real time telemetry and data acquisition for detailed analysis. From launch pad to final line of sight transmissions, launch telemetry is available both real-time or post-event.

THE FUTURE of Space to Ground Solutions

The first mobile, rapidly deployable electronically steered array RF ground system in the world. ATLAS LINKS™ Electronically Steered Array System can be carried in a backpack, flown by plane, and assembled in hours virtually eliminating concerns around “where, when and how” to set up an antenna solution for your satellite. This portable array solution not only increases speed to market exponentially, but also has the advantage of eliminating the need for pouring concrete and expensive pedestal structures, thus reducing the CAPEX by over 50%.

Our first of its kind ATLAS LINKS™ Electronically Steered Array System is capable of UHF, S, and X-Band transmit and receive – with Ka-Band capabilities on the way. The aperture array has the advantage of high gain with very little system noise versus traditional parabolic Az/El or X/Y systems resulting in enhanced performance. With a seamless connection into the ATLAS Freedom™ Platform, the array simultaneously links up, eliminating any scheduling conflicts. Talk to your satellite whenever, wherever.

Each element stands roughly 1 meter high and 1 meter wide and weighs less than 10 pounds, which means the system can be set up and taken down in minutes. ATLAS LINKS™ is ultra-portable drastically reducing delivery costs versus traditional fixed RF systems. ATLAS LINKS™ is mobile and rapidly deployable it can be set up anywhere on the globe there is internet, and power. Wherever you need coverage – ATLAS LINKS™ can make it happen.

ATLAS LINKS™ is reliable, resilient and easy to maintain. No moving parts means significant reduction of spares. The LINKS system allows for a single person to repair the system in under 30 minutes – eliminating downtime due to troubleshooting and hardware R&R. This allows our customers to achieve high availability requirements in remote environments. ATLAS LINKS™ is the perfect combination of robustness and efficiency.

ATLAS Freedom™

Our software platform is the only cloud-based, software-only, space management and control system.


The first mobile, rapidly deployable, electronically steered array RF ground system in the world.

Launch Support

ATLAS Launch Support is here to simplify the process from concept to launch.

Deep Space

The first commercially available deep space
communications network.


100% available communications link from anywhere on orbit, resulting in near real-time latency for high volume, high resolution data.

ATLAS in a Box

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We'll bring ATLAS right to your front door.

Drag globe to desired location
Hover over location for antenna details

Where we place our antennas matters. From Polar to Equatorial we are making the best decisions possible to serve the broadest range of customers. From shared solutions to fully dedicated antennas which meet your specific requirements, our integrated antenna network accommodates a full range of client needs. With antennas up to 7.6m and servicing UHF, S, X and soon Ka-bands, ATLAS provides secure world-wide connectivity with minimal data latency. Let us do what we do best - integrate antenna networks.

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