Improving deep space satcom

We're building the first commercially available deep space network.

Utilizing the scalable LINKS™ Electronically Steered Array System, we are able to mimic the same power you would get from a 70m parabolic dish. The LINKS™ system has no moving parts. Meaning our deep space network provides higher gain allowing the small array to transmit and receive RF data like never before.

As more and more interest is generated in exploring deep space and asteroid mining, ATLAS is working to make the deep space comms necessary accessible and affordable. 


Introducing the first commercially available deep space communications network - the Interplanetary Satellite Communications Network (ISCN).

Enabled by LINKS™, the ISCN provides an effective, affordable option to alleviate the competition for existing government resources needed for deep space communications. All while allowing you to track your spacecraft into the depths of outer space.

Using proprietary electronically steered array technology, the ISCN is able to detect and track the faint radio signals typical of a deep space mission. Our network has the ability to track and communicate with satellites transmitting and receiving in VHF/UHF, S, and X-Bands, with additional bands in the works. Utilizing the LINKS™ array system, the network can support spacecraft up to 18 million miles away from earth.

So go ahead and explore further.

We've got your comms covered.

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